Unlimited savings with Belt's Infinity Mode

Financial fasting is a very good solution to start saving. When you want to go one step further, we have the tool you need to fix your habit and achieve your goals faster.

When you have started to establish savings periods and manage to save for several weeks, we suggest you activate Belt's Infinite Mode.

With this mode you do not need to choose the time you want to be saving. Just activate it and you will be saving indefinitely.

Select the categories in which you are going to stop spending and you will be able to see your savings on the main screen to always have it in mind and keep you motivated.

Set yourself new challenges and add them to your savings goal. Accept the challenges that we propose or choose your own. All savings count.

Infinity Mode is available only to Belt+ subscribers. This subscription also allows you to access the challenges, customize the app and much more.

Activate it now and get everything you want with Belt. Remember that we are at your disposal in all our support channels. Shall we start?

By Belt Editors --


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