Belt + Widgets.

We introduced integration with Widgets so you can use Belt more easily. Start and end your savings from lockscreen and track your status in the savings journal. A step forward towards achieving your goals effortlessly.

Belt allows you to determine savings periods in which the user cannot make any purchases and reduce their expenses.

Choose in which categories you will stop spending during your savings periods. In this way, the task will be much easier and you can calculate how much you save.

You have unlimited savings so you can get everything you set out to do.

Stay on top of your savings with the calendar view so you can keep track of which days you're saving and which you aren't.

Belt include notifications to encourage you and achieve your savings goal.

Configure multiple widgets with the timer to control your saving period and keep your target in sight at all times.

All data is synced to your private cloud. At no time do we store any information about your savings.

Get prizes and share them with your friends so that they are also encouraged and we increase the community of savers.

Track your mood on a daily basis and discover how good it feels to save or consider a break to treat yourself.

You can always see your progress on the Apple Watch. Start or stop your savings period from your wrist.

Schedule your savings to start on Monday, the weekend or tomorrow. We'll notify you when it's time to save. Subscription required.

Improve your numbers through the challenges. Motivate yourself by joining the challenges that we make available so that you can save effortlessly.


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