How Financial Fast works?

We've just released a new app that lets you set intermittent savings periods where you spend nothing and save money effortlessly. We have called this new app Belt, for 'tighten your belt', and it is available for iPhone

Belt allows you to select the categories you don't want to spend on. Pick those you want to “fast” on. For example, stop shopping online or spending on candy, electronics, or bars. Set your temporary goal, for example, 48 hours without shopping online and manage to save those coins that will come in handy at the end of the month.

On the main screen of Belt you will be able to see at all times how much time you are saving, how much is left to exceed your goal and when you manage to reach your desired savings. You will be able to view the categories in which you are saving in addition to editing the start or end date of your savings. Once you have achieved it, share it in your RRSS.

In the Achievements section, you can get prizes once you exceed a certain number of savings or certain amounts of money. We want the user to be motivated and achieve their goals much faster. You can share your achievements with your family and friends.

In your profile, you can have the history of all your savings and the total money you have saved. In addition, you will be able to see in which categories you have saved, on what date they occurred and see the average savings per period.

Belt is totally free. You have a PLUS version with which you can enjoy challenges, programs and presets as well as other benefits for a small amount per month. When you discover how much you can gain with Financial Fast, you'll see the worth of using Belt and the benefits of effortless savings.

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